Vendor Assessments

Business Need:

While there are many vendors in the market who offer reasonably good products and services, it becomes difficult for you as a buyer to select from a wide array of product options. When organizations have to make crucial decisions concerning big investments in systems and technologies and at the same time have wide-ranging alternatives, an in-depth evaluation of different vendors and their products is very essential to make the best buy decision.

    Who Needs this Service?

  • Buyers of Information Technology solutions
  • Any company seeking to enter into new markets
  • Technology companies - to understand market positioning

  • Market Competition Rigor is applicable to any company in any vertical

From a buyer's perspective, relying on professional expertise for vendor evaluation will, therefore, ease your burden of assessment and facilitate quicker decision-making. From a vendor's perspective, knowing your market positioning in comparison to your competitor will help you strategize for future growth.

iA's Service:

infoAnalytica's "Vendor Assessments Package" aims to evaluate technology vendors within the market that is of interest to you. We evaluate vendors on the basis of the following parameters:

Market Growth Potential: To judge the company's market growth potential three parameters are considered -

  1. Revenue: The revenue generated by the vendor
  2. Growth: Growth evaluation is based on three years revenue growth, M&A activities undertaken to increase customer base and the company's expansion plans
  3. Geographic coverage: Customer coverage in various geographies

Technological Leadership: To judge the company's technological leadership, three parameters are considered -

  1. Portfolio of offerings: The range of products and services offerings are considered
  2. Technical Innovation and future strategies: Vendors are rated on the basis of technical superiority against each other and their future plans for technological advancement
  3. Expansion plans and strategic technology partnerships

Service Benefits

  • Guidance for product or service selection
  • Gain knowledge of the competing players and their positioning


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