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Social Media Marketing, Social Media PR and Social Media Research Solutions - Reach 2.0

Social Media, Social Networks and Open Internet communities, (collectively termed as Web 2.0) are fast emerging as effective marketing channels of choice for new age firms across sectors. However, to use this medium, it is imperative that your marketing message reaches out to the right social media audiences (e.g. a pool of social media influencers and users with the highest propensity to responsibly engage your end-customers)."Visit Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis to learn more about Social Media Research and Social Sentiment Analysis at infoAnalytica."

Undo traditional Web Marketing ... Unleash Reach 2.0 Social Media Marketing - An in-depth research by our team has paved the way for creating visibility and "buzz" for brands, services, products, and companies. Our Social Media consulting solution - Reach 2.0 - provides your company with extensive "Reach" within your target audience. It is an effective means for creating "conversations" and engaging with your end-users. infoAnalytica's Social Media solutions allow our customers to engaging end-users for better lead-generation, networking, collaboration, loyalty building, PR, thought leadership, website traffic, and subsequently building partnerships and customer acquisition.

Undo traditional Lead Generation - Unleash Reach 2.0 - By engaging key users online, Reach 2.0 also provides highly targeted leads and extensive visibility, thus increasing sales significantly and at the same time reducing costs associated with traditional lead generation mechanisms, cold calling, and email marketing campaigns.

Reach 2.0 can also be used to build and maintain a community of influencers and users centric to management objectives ranging from Customer Support, Public Relations, Brand and reputation management and more. Marketers within large enterprises, as well as, small and medium businesses have already begun exploring Social Media and Social Networks to address marketing objectives. However, most are not able to realize the extensive potential of Social Media - as a customer acquisition mechanism, a PR platform, a brand building and thought leadership model, or simply a collaboration medium. The limitations marketers face include: Identifying best practices, investing in full time resources, measuring the effectiveness of the Social Media campaigns, or just not knowing where to start. Reach 2.0 addresses these needs and much more. Here's how:

Identifying Social Media Strategies and Best Practices:

infoAnalytica's strength lies in its core service offering - Management and Marketing Consulting. By understanding the objective, target audience, market / industry, and client expectations, our team of social media analysts is able to address some very critical concerns marketers have:

  • What are the best suited and most effective social media methods and tactics for your company, its products or services?
  • How can these social media mechanisms be used to their full potential?
  • What are the relevant high-traffic portals and social media channels for creating visibility / advertising? In other words, the most pertinent social media tools (based on relevance, popularity, and other factors) to build a brand or enhance credibility among the target audience
  • How a comprehensive and efficient internet marketing campaign should be developed, and critically how should it be integrated into your company's existing marketing plan?

Our team also performs comparative competitor studies (research other similar companies) to understand their marketing strategies (and specifically social media marketing strategies, if any) and identify the most effective strategies that may be implemented for your brand or product.

Building a Social Media Presence - Implementing Reach 2.0:

In addition to building brand loyalty, Reach 2.0 focuses on reaching your target audience and subsequently driving relevant traffic to your website. The solution is equally viable for established businesses as it is for niche offerings. The key objective of Reach 2.0 is to create a social media presence for your brand. By leveraging the best practices identified, our team creates a comprehensive action plan and roadmap for accomplishing each and every objective of yours.

This phase includes creating visibility on an ongoing basis. The implementation phase comprises buzz creation and engaging end-users through conversations, on various relevant social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, blogs, portals, social bookmarks, micro-blogs, online forums and groups, and much more. Further, we do so by maintaining social media protocols and etiquettes, and respecting the unwritten rules around end-user privacy, audience engagement, and marketing.

Marketers within companies, small and large, often find it difficult to create a consistent social media presence without getting consumed. At infoAnalytica, we have on-demand bandwidth to cater to your ongoing, customized, social media presence requirements.

Company, Product, Brand or Market Assessment through Social Media Monitoring/Listening and UGC Monitoring:

Reach 2.0 targets the very attributes that make Social Media (especially blogs and communities) an effective medium viz. listening to what your target audience has to say, and subsequently engaging them into conversations that create awareness about your brand. Such a strategy is not only effective for brand building and marketing, but also product development and enhancement. Our team puts in extensive effort to understand, document, and assess consumer insights on your product or service. We also compare and assess such feedback with that of competing products and companies. In a nutshell, we assimilate all information and feedback around a domain and analyze it to present pros, cons, recommendations and best practices for better product development and marketing. We score these analyses on custom scales which provide our customers insight into critical issues, marketing or PR strategy improvements and product or service line improvements. More

Measuring the effectiveness of the Reach 2.0 Social Media campaign:

Any marketing campaign is irrelevant unless its effectiveness can be measured and monetized. Reach 2.0 is highly customized and flexible for this very reason. Once we implement the campaign, our team spends significant effort in defining success metrics that can be translated in real terms, and measuring these on a frequent basis. This is very useful for measuring ROI. Our process revolves around refining the marketing campaign based on the most effective strategies.

We leverage buzz monitoring and web analytics tools to measure: - Traffic
- Audience
- Engagement
- Brand Loyalty, and
- Influence

Additional benefits of Reach 2.0 for Social Media Solutions

- Highly cost effective (Higher ROI) - Reduced Marketing expenses and lower cost of customer acquisition increase ROI
- Viral Marketing - A win-win situation: The success ratio is significantly higher with Reach 2.0. The Buzz we create through Social Media is highly viral. In other words, the key online resources (communities, networks, etc) and users will lead you to a much bigger, and yet, focused target audience in turn. Moreover, you can leverage your existing customers to evangelize your product/service to the world.
- Several forms of contact - Unlike cold leads, our database will let you contact your lead through various ways including e-mail, phone, facebook profile, twitter ID, Linked In profile and so forth. In addition, additional information about your prospective customers lets you initiate a dialog in a more engaging manner.
- Better Search Engines Ranking - Higher social media presence subsequently helps in improving search engine rankings.
- Create online interest groups around any industry
- Utilize Web 2.0 for creating and maintaining product/service driven exchange of information between the industry and the end user - If you know the behavioral characteristics of your target audience, you can reach new customers who share the same traits with a meaningful message.
- Leverage Web 2.0 to create a marketing campaign that is inclusive, highly personalized and driven by users' behavior

If you'd like to know more about Reach 2.0, or our customized Social Media and User Generated Content listening packages and how it can benefit your company, please feel free to mail us at reach2.0@infoanalytica.com.


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