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Create Brand Awareness an Analyst Portal

Customer Description Based in New York, the client owns an analyst portal within the Financial Services domain. Its key areas of focus include: online publishing, events and conferences, research and analytics, education and training, and global consulting solutions.
Customer's Requirement & Objectives The client is competing with some of the leading analyst portals in the world. Its objective is two-fold: create brand awareness for its portal and services, and increase visibility for its frequent events and conferences.
infoAnalytica's Role infoAnalytica identified the bottlenecks with the client's existing marketing and branding strategy. Based on the gaps identified, we proposed social media marketing. This would be cost effective and targeted. Our campaign was divided into the following:
    I. Brand visibility for the company (Ongoing)

  • Scope out various relevant social media channels (blogs, communities, networks, websites and so forth) that can be leveraged to create buzz around the company's products (research reports, articles, papers), and in turn increase visitors to the company's portal. The social media channels are carefully identified based on a comprehensive selection criteria (relevance of the audience, popularity, and so forth)
  • Research and leverage social networks and communities to create visibility for events and conferences.
  • Implement marketing strategies and content on an ongoing basis on each social media portal.

  • II. Identifying and documenting speakers, attendees, and sponsors for client events (Ongoing)

  • Understand / Study the client event and its sessions. Research Social Media channels (as well as lead databases) for identifying relevant speakers, attendees, and sponsors.
  • Gather comprehensive information on these leads from various social media channels, and map them to specific event sessions.
  • III. Assess the client portal's web analytics and identify sources that are generating higher traffic than others, and build strategies to capitalize on these.
Key Deliverables Some of our deliverables include:

I. A comprehensive set of strategies and implementation status for brand visibility of the client portal, its content assets, and events and conferences.

II. A comprehensive and ongoing set of leads - speakers, sponsors, and attendees for each event, with comprehensive information about each contact.

III. Continuous content updates, both on the client blog as well as other relevant social media channels identified for visibility

IV. Various reports on:
  • Customer website's analytics
  • Comparative study on the traffic of the website with other similar portals
V. Report on relevant keywords for each page of the client's website, for improvement in their SE score
Value Proposition I. The Marketing cost for the client reduced by at least 50 percent

II. The client gained more than 500 percent increase in the average monthly visitors in two months.

III. The number of new visitors for the website increased by approx 20 percent.

IV. The SEO score increased by 8 percent in two months.

V. Significant increase in inbound links and traffic

VI. A far more focused and targeted list of speakers, attendees and sponsors at a lower cost.
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