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Create Visibility for an Ecommerce Site Social Media Marketing

Customer Description The client is an independent, e-commerce site and blog, involved with online selling of various Wii products and accessories. Additionally, it has reviews and posts about various Wii products and games.
Customer's Requirement & Objectives The client has an ongoing requirement for creating a marketing campaign for the site. The key objective is to leverage social media channels to create visibility (and subsequently more traffic) for the e-commerce portal.
infoAnalytica's Role Phase I
  • Study the Wii market, the client's competing portals, and the discussions around related products at various social networks. The information accumulated from this was used in three ways:

    To get a complete know how of the flow of content at the discussion boards and comments at social networks. This helped in assessing the feedback on Wii products and games

    Identify gaps as well as best practices in terms of marketing strategies, especially those leveraging social media.

    Formulate key social media strategies and resources for creating visibility
  • To identify resources for creating visibility, extensive research was carried out. The research was directed at the following channels:

    Gaming communities, blogs, social networking sites, business networking sites, video sharing sites, discussion forums, and book-marking sites.

    Top e-commerce sites, and shopping comparison portals, with their pricing model. This also helped in creating additional Point of Sales.
Phase II (Ongoing)
Implement key social media marketing strategies on various networks and portals as mentioned above. This process includes creating consistent "buzz" for the client's site. The Marketing message is very subtle and engaging ensuring that the content we post on these portals flows with the discussion. it does not come across as blatant direct marketing.
    Phase III (Ongoing)
  • Assess the client's website and offerings. Suggesting other key relevant products and strategies for up-selling as well as cross-selling
  • Assist in writing blog posts and game reviews
  • Provide a list of direct leads, the passionistas for the client's products
  • Listed the site on high traffic e-commerce and shopping comparison portals - additional PoS (point of sales)
Value Proposition The client gained a 406.8 percent increase in the average monthly visitors in a month itself.
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