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The IPTV Rationale for Hotels in the US

Posted on October 24, 2012 by

Business adoption of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has far greater implication when considered from the hotel industry's stand point. It is not merely a medium to deliver hotel guests high quality in-room entertainment and television content that is streamed through an IP network, but has many other benefits due to the underlying IP technology as its backbone. Nearly 50% of hotels (that presently do not have IPTV systems) surveyed by infoAnalytica Consulting, for its IPTV market study report, indicated that they plan to invest in the IPTV platform in the next two years. These hotels largely fall under the Luxury, Upper Upscale, and Upscale segments. Most hotels believe that IPTV systems will provide them with a competitive edge by augmenting guests' in-room entertainment experience, thus building customer loyalty.

IPTV systems have rich and scalable features, and because they run on an IP backbone hotels can build a single, centralized and integrated platform that allows them to converge their in-room entertainment, communication, property management, data management and security systems. Such capability, though with a higher one-time set up cost, ensures better scalability and integration, thus making such an option significantly more cost effective and viable in the long run than building and managing separate hotel systems. However, considering the high cost factor, IPTV as an enabler for interactive in-room entertainment technology is a feasible platform for high-end hotels. Mid-scale, economy, and lower-end independent hotels will not realize the value of investing in IPTV as revealed through the market study.

Further, from an in-room entertainment standpoint, high quality TV content, increased personalization, greater interactive ability to access hotel services, the possibility of guests, mobile device connectivity to their in-room IPTVs, as well as ancillary in-room revenues through advertisements and video-on-demand services are just few of the many other benefits that an IPTV system offers.

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High Speed Internet Access - High Take Rate in Economy Hotels in the US

Posted on October 1, 2012 by

The High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) take rate for economy and midscale hotels in the US is comparatively higher than the take rates for high scale hotels. infoAnalytica Consulting believes this to be the case because high scale hotels usually offer HSIA as a paid service, while mid and low scale hotels do not associate any costs when offering internet service in the hotel rooms.

Findings from infoAnalytica Consulting's recently published market study High Speed Internet Access for Hotels (US)' suggest that the average annual HSIA take rate in the US hotel industry hovers between 35%-50%. The findings in this report have been validated with insights from in-depth interviews and surveys with industry experts and hoteliers, carried out over a period of 3 months. Results from the survey also reveal that the HSIA take rate among business travellers is higher by 4% compared to leisure travellers in economy hotels.

There are various factors, namely, HSIA bandwidth and quality of data transfer provided that explain why high-end chains charge for such an indispensable service. Besides this, internet usage / content accessed by guests, may to some extent, influence the HSIA take rates in hotels. For more information about the trends in hospitality HSIA take rates in the US, visit the following link - HSIA Report

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Who's Who in the Ecommerce Business?

Posted on September 24, 2012 by

infoAnalytica and Lexity Uncover Highly Fragmented Market for Ecommerce Software Solutions

Among their findings from looking at the top 1 million sites by traffic on the Internet:

  • Newcomer Magento has overtaken veteran Yahoo! Small Business, the only two companies with over 10% market share
  • Blog plugin WP e-Commerce is the fastest growing software solution
  • The expansion of content sites into ecommerce propels Virtuemart, Ubercart, and WP e-Commerce into the top ten


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