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infoAnalytica: A Research and Analysis Company

infoAnalytica provides cutting-edge business and market research and analysis solutions within the global B2B and B2C space using primary and secondary research methods. By employing best-in-class methodologies, processes and quality control infoAnalytica provides quantitative and qualitative insights that are actionable and critical for strategic business and marketing decision makers across organization levels and types. infoAnalytica is particularly adept at unearthing business to business findings based on the distinctive and unique research challenges that emerge across industries. This equips us to provide comprehensive full service research offerings into specific industries such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Consumer Electronics/Consumer Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Software Products
  • Software Services
  • Information Technology
  • Ecommerce
  • Media and Publishing
  • Entertainment
  • BFSI (Financial Services)
  • Manufacturing

Our interviewers are not only trained to elicit accurate, complete and bias-free responses from busy B2B respondents, but also to ensure maximum engagement from respondents during the administration of surveys and interviews.

infoAnalytica builds extensive rigor into the process of research design, sample selection and questionnaire/interview development to ensure data is captured accurately and leads to informative and actionable insights for an organization’s use. infoAnalytica’s experts research then analyze and quality check the captured data, ensuring that it is reliable and valid. During the analysis phase of the project, infoAnalytica collates the data and performs a deep analysis to uncover critical insights, key findings and any trends or patterns that emerge from the captured information. This analysis phase leads to the final research output in the form of a report in the customer’s format of choice, with quantitative findings reflected as infographics, graphs, charts and tables and qualitative findings as bullets, narratives and descriptions.

For secondary research work, infoAnalytica has also built proprietary software and data collection tools that aid in providing its customers the quickest possible turnaround and the lowest possible cost on data collection, data mining and for extracting findings from wide ranging unstructured data. infoAnalytica has access to an exhaustive compendium of data sources ranging from publications, news, reports, the public internet, association websites, industry consortia, opinion leaders, online libraries and vertically oriented websites providing a large pool of readily available data that gives rise to valid and reliable findings and insights.

infoAnalytica also provides readymade research reports that follow key trends and provide valuable findings within specific industries such as technology, ecommerce, hospitality, telecommunications, retail, software and more. The quality of our data, Analysis and findings are testament to the diligence that every research project at infoAnalytica attracts. View some of our research report summaries at http://www.infoanalytica.com/reports.php .

iA has served more than 250 global clients, and our research clients include a roster of corporations such as Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, Intuit and Tripwire. A partial client list is available at http://infoanalytica.com/clients.php

We have a team of competent professionals who are well-versed in research methods, applied statistics, programming and data analytics. Some areas of application include Market segmentation, Market sizing, Demand forecasting, Credit Scoring, Market optimization, Customer behavioral analysis , Sensitivity analysis, Trend Analysis and many more.

infoAnalytica's Research Products and Services

infoAnalytica offers primary and secondary research services encompassing qualitative and quantitative Analysis and findings in the following areas:

Market Research and Analysis
  • B2B Market Research
  • Market Needs Analysis Research
  • Market Demand Research
  • Market Data Collection and Scoring
  • Market Intelligence Research
  • Market Sizing Research
  • Market Segmentation Research
  • Market Potential Research
  • Market Forecasting
  • Market Mapping
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Market Forecasting
  • Market Opportunity Studies
  • Marketing Channel Studies Research and Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis Research
  • Demographic Research and Analysis
  • Product Opinion Polling and Surveys
  • Brand Opinion Polling and Surveys
  • Service Opinion Polling and Surveys
  • KOL Identification, Database Development and Research (Life Sciences Markets Only)
  • Emerging Media Market Research
  • Emerging Technology Market Research
  • Survey Programming
  • Questionnaire Design, Development, Transcription and Administration Services
Field Market Research (- India Only)
  • Focus Groups Discussions
  • Mall Intercepts and Mall Interviewing
  • In-person Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Media and Advertising Research
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Concept Testing
  • TOM / Brand Recall and Eye Track Studies
  • Fair and Conference brand recognition and brand recall studies
  • Depth Interviews
  • Interviews in pairs
  • Reiki and Observations
  • Executive Interviewing
  • Airport Interviewing
  • CLI (Central Location Interviews)
  • Field Data Collection
  • Convention Interviews
  • Field Audits

Marketing Research and Analysis

  • B2B Marketing Research
  • Brand Research and Analysis (brand identity research, brand equity research and brand positioning research)
  • Market Positioning Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Marketing Research
  • Competitor Channel Research
  • Competitor Product Distribution Research
  • Competitor Product Features Research
  • Competitor Brand Research
  • Internet Marketing Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Market Entry Strategies and Research
  • Product Research
  • Pricing Research

Business Research and Analysis

  • Feasibility Analysis and Studies
  • Vendor Assessments
  • Business Information Reports and Credit Scoring

Industry Research and Analysis

  • Industry trends research
  • Industry forecasting
  • Industry Opportunity Research and Analysis

Financial Research and Analysis

  • Assessment of Business Health
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Equity Valuation
  • Credit Scoring and Rating
  • Industry / sector research and analysis (Porter industry analysis, specific market research and analysis)
  • Company specific research and analysis - company profiles
  • Risk analysis (assessment of business risks, statistical data analysis support for assessing market, credit and operational risks and related models)
  • Assistance with research reports, white papers, newsletters, articles and other financial research findings, market factors and report content.

Social Media Research and Analysis (Secondary Research Only)

  • Sentiment Analysis (Social)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Internet)
  • Sentiment Scoring (Social)
  • Reputation Scoring (User Generated Content/Internet)
  • Reputation Monitoring (Social)
  • Reputation Monitoring (Internet)
  • Product Brand Analysis (User Generated Content)
  • Product Features Analysis (User Generated Content)

Competitive Intelligence
Competitor Intelligence
Company Profiling


infoAnalytica released a new whitepaper titled "KOL Payments in the Time of Scrutiny".
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infoAnalytica's life sciences research service is now Act Healthcare Solutions


  • Chief Marketing Officer, Whitehat Security
    The entire team at infoAnalytica has been a regular part of our work since a few years. The reason is that their combination of rigor, precision, detailed follow-through, reliable delivery, independence of thought, and ease-of-doing-business-with is unparalleled.
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  • Director, Product Operations, Tripwire
    I have worked with infoAnalytica multiple times and each time they have provided the requested product in a timely manner with great quality and at a tremendous value.
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