Emerging Markets Studies I PC to Mobile Convergence

Industry Management Consulting for IT and Telecommunication Industry
Customer Description US based management-consulting firm focusing on developing IT & Telecommunications in emerging market economies
Customer's Requirement & Objectives The client's focus area has always been in the domain of information technology and telecommunications in the emerging market economies. Its primary objective was
a) To gauge the extent to which PC to mobile convergence is happening in countries like Urban India, South Africa and Russia and other emerging markets
b) Assess the functionality that consumers prefer in technologies such as PC, mobile phones and converged devices
infoAnalytica's Role Conducted extensive research to find the
  • Growth of converged devices segments in the emerging markets
  • Penetration of GSM and CDMA mobile phones
  • Demand for converged devices in different emerging market
  • Different user segments that need converged devices
  • Market trends for converged devices
  • Assessing the common functionalities of PC, mobile phones and converged devices
  • Providing examples of converged devices highlighting the key functionalities and consumer preferences
Value Proposition The client obtained a comprehensive perspective of PC to mobile convergence taking place in the emerging markets and the consumer choices driving such convergence.
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