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  • San Jose, California – July 17, 2017 - infoAnalytica's life sciences research service is now Act Healthcare Solutions

    infoAnalytica, a leading marketing research firm, today announced the launch of Act Healthcare Solutions, a new division for its healthcare and life sciences services.


  • San Jose, California - 8th May, 2017 - infoAnalytica's new whitepaper explores KOL payments and screening process

    infoAnalytica, a global provider of market research and demand generation services, today announced a new whitepaper that highlights the recent trends in KOL payments, screening efforts, and why an additional step of KOL screening in the program lifecycle has become increasingly important.


  • San Jose, California - 4th April, 2017 - infoAnalytica expands operations to support consistent growth and end-to-end Marketing and Research support

    infoAnalytica, a global leading provider of marketing research and demand generation services, today announced the expansion of its operations in Ahmedabad and Pune, India.


  • San Jose, CA - March 30 2015 - Actionable Intelligence from infoAnalytica, Inc., enables Top Ranked Service Provider in Logistics

    Global Market Intelligence from infoAnalytica, Inc., enables Top Ranked Service Provider in Logistics and Transport with Comparative Customer Satisfaction Indices and Actionable Insights


  • Waltham, MA - February 17, 2015 - demandDrive & infoAnalytica Partnership

    Today, demand generation & inside sales leader demandDrive announced that it has partnered with leading research firm infoAnalytica, creating a seamless integration of services to support a full breadth of demand generation solutions.


  • San Jose, CA – August 12, 2014 - infoAnalytica Enhances Demand Generation Support through B2B Lead Qualification Services for its Customers

    infoAnalytica, a leading market research specialist, helps its clients increase sales productivity and maximize marketing investments through innovative and reliable lead qualification services.


  • San Jose, CA – March 28, 2014 - infoAnalytica Announces Market Research Services for India

    After its foray into the U.S., and with two state-of-the-art research operations centers, infoAnalytica will help global players assess opportunities and create effective strategies to enter lucrative Indian markets in technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution and retail.


  • San Jose, CA – September 25, 2013 - infoAnalytica Augments its Social Media Research Portfolio

    Specialty Research and Analysis firm infoAnalytica has recently augmented its Social Media Research portfolio with Semantic and Text Analysis solutions. This is a new service line from infoAnalytica, offering human equipped Social Media listening and Content Research services to its customers, with a focus on specific industry segments such as telecommunications, finance, retail, consumer electronics, automotive, software and information technology.


  • February 20, 2013 - San Jose, CA - infoAnalytica Commissions Market Research on IPTV and its impact on Interactive In-room Entertainment (IRE) in the North American Hospitality Industry

    infoAnalytica, a specialist research and consulting company, has recently published an in-depth market study on the impact of IPTV on Interactive In-room Entertainment (IRE) Systems within hotels in North America. Widely acknowledged as a potential in-room technology enabler for hotels in North American and worldwide, IPTV with its year-on-year growth is continuing to encourage hotels to allocate larger budgets to converged IP Networks. The many moving parts of a full IPTV/IRE architecture contribute to the complexity, however, the benefits are real and can certainly be perceived as a service differentiator to the guest base and have a significant positive impact on guest loyalty and potential increased revenue for hotels.


  • September 20, 2012 - infoAnalytica and Lexity Uncover Highly Fragmented Market for Ecommerce Software Solutions

    infoAnalytica, a market research and technology consulting company, and Lexity, the developer of the web-based App platform for ecommerce, conducted an extensive analysis that revealed a highly fragmented market for ecommerce software solutions (see infographic). Among their findings from looking at the top 1 million sites by traffic on the Internet:

    • Prospecting new channel partners
    • Prospective partner segmentation based on the solutions offered
    • Evaluating a prospective partner on the basis of:


  • July 4, 2012 - infoAnalytica Commissions Market Research on High Speed Internet Access for the U.S. Hospitality Industry

    infoAnalytica, a leading provider of research, analysis and data mining solutions and a specialist Knowledge Services provider, has recently published an in-depth market study on the impact and uptake of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) within hotels in the U.S. Experts suggest a fairly healthy HSIA take rate in 2012 for full service hotels across the U.S., ranging from 30 to 35% for paid HSIA and 40 to 45% for free HSIA. The research report features recent developments in the industry with respect to HSIA and its usage. It provides insights on trends, infrastructure, costs, capabilities and the dynamic shifts within hotels from a technology adoption, use and business impact standpoint. In-depth technology descriptions and vendor profiles are also provided in a vendor report that can be purchased separately or with the HSIA report.The report aims to provide a clear understanding of the impact HSIA adoption has on hotels, such as impact on Revenue per Available Room and Occupancy Rates.


  • June 1, 2010 - infoAnalytica Launches Social Media Listening and User Generated Content Research Service Line to Augment its Social Media Consulting Practice

    Consulting and Knowledge Services firm infoAnalytica has recently furthered its Social Media Solutions portfolio with a new service line offering high-end Social Media listening and User Generated Content Research services to its customers, with a focus on specific industry segments such as consumer electronics. The services offer key performance indicators across a variety of parameters studying a brand, product or service. iAs key differentiator is the use of its specific research methodologies that help understand shortfalls and derive quick and reliable insights on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a product, as well as competitor comparatives.


  • May 3, 2010 - infoAnalytica Introduces Business Research and Market Research Service Bundles for Global Corporations and SMBs

    infoAnalytica Consulting has announced the introduction of specific research solutions that fulfil specific commonly recurring research needs at organizations ranging from small and medium businesses as well as global Fortune corporations.

    "These product bundles are variations of our existing service lines that we have perfected over time, that bring out analyses that is pertinent to almost every business. Most people would not want to enter a market without doing their homework, and our pre-start-up package, "Genesis" makes it easy for companies to pinpoint opportunities, key careabouts and pitfalls before entering their market of choice", says Amit Gupta, CEO of infoAnalytica. "The bundle approach also helps our customers throughout the research design and objectives phase early in the project, since expectations and deliverables are better aligned." These packages consist of thorough Market Scanning to identify 'white spaces' in the domain a customer desires to venture. They comprise market sizing and segmentation studies; a market characteristics study that includes an analysis of key players, products and services, consumer behavior and demand analysis; market trends study; distribution mechanisms if applicable, and so forth.



infoAnalytica Enhances Demand Generation Support through B2B Lead Qualification Services for its Clients


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    The entire team at infoAnalytica has been a regular part of our work since a few years. The reason is that their combination of rigor, precision, detailed follow-through, reliable delivery, independence of thought, and ease-of-doing-business-with is unparalleled.
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  • Director, Product Operations, Tripwire
    I have worked with infoAnalytica multiple times and each time they have provided the requested product in a timely manner with great quality and at a tremendous value.
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