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  • Actionable Intelligence from infoAnalytica, Inc., enables Top Ranked Service Provider in Logistics

Actionable Intelligence from infoAnalytica, Inc., enables Top Ranked Service Provider in Logistics

Global Market Intelligence from infoAnalytica, Inc., enables Top Ranked Service Provider in Logistics and Transport with Comparative Customer Satisfaction Indices and Actionable Insights.

San Jose, CA - March 30 2015 -

Specialty Market Research and Data Services firm, infoAnalytica, has been commissioned by a leading multinational in the Logistics and Transportation industry, to conduct primary research, yielding accurate competitor Customer Service Indices. The logistics customer, a top ranked provider in the Fortune 500, serves a large section of Fortune 500 companies on a global scale. The provider wanted to understand their customer satisfaction levels versus their key rivals across 60 countries.

The service provider chose to work with infoAnalytica based on the market research firm’s native and foreign language capabilities, which met survey requirements across all continents. To meet this challenge, infoAnalytica’s interviewers ensured they were well attuned to cultural differences across geographies, and customized the interview approach for varying cultures. Another challenge was fetching competitor data within each country, and conducting interviews as per the required specifications and counts.

“In the competition intensive logistics and transportation domain, it is imperative for service providers to retain existing customers, while developing a clear strategy to acquire new customers. To do this, customer perception of quality-of-service need to be periodically monitored to stay ahead of competitors. We are pleased to have successfully concluded the first phase of this project to our client’s satisfaction. Our client has awarded us the contract for Phase 2 in the second year as well, with an increase in respondent sample size and an enhanced scope of work. The final analysis will be concluded from data and findings from 60 countries. ”, says Abhishek Bareja, Director, Market Research at infoAnalytica.

The surveys are being conducted over telephone from infoAnalytica’s fully equipped global delivery centers in India, and data is being collected on a pre-programmed online survey link.

About infoAnalytica

infoAnalytica is a specialty market research services firm focused on providing actionable and decision-critical insights to customers. Through primary and secondary research methodologies, infoAnalytica has helped more than 250 corporations with strategic and tactical decision making, to enhance profitability and market shares. infoAnalytica provides full-service Market Research, Qualitative and Quantitative research, Competitive Intelligence, Telephone Interviewing and Surveys, and a range of B2B research solutions. The company's expertise spans industries such as Technology, Software, Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services (BFSI), e-Commerce, and Manufacturing. infoAnalytica’s clients include PayPal, Yahoo, DemandMedia, Tripwire, eBay, Ziff Davis, Dun and Bradstreet, Intuit, TechTarget, CapTap, McGraw Hill, WhiteHat Security and more. For more information please send an email to inquiry@infoanalytica.com, or visit http://www.infoanalytica.com


infoAnalytica released a new whitepaper titled "KOL Payments in the Time of Scrutiny".
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infoAnalytica's life sciences research service is now Act Healthcare Solutions


  • Chief Marketing Officer, Whitehat Security
    The entire team at infoAnalytica has been a regular part of our work since a few years. The reason is that their combination of rigor, precision, detailed follow-through, reliable delivery, independence of thought, and ease-of-doing-business-with is unparalleled.
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  • Director, Product Operations, Tripwire
    I have worked with infoAnalytica multiple times and each time they have provided the requested product in a timely manner with great quality and at a tremendous value.
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