Market Research Snapshot

Business Need:

The success of a business organization is largely influenced by its external and internal environments. Changing business dynamics and rapidly changing customer needs makes it challenging for businesses to live up to expectations. Whether a company is large or small, a leading player or a new entrant in the market, it has to continually monitor and track the changes taking place in its business environment. A business also needs to continually re-position itself In order to respond to the changing environment as well as beat the tremendous competition in the markets. The underlying objective for assessing and tracking the business environment is to identify current or latent opportunities. A thorough evaluation of the industry/market is therefore essential for one or more of the following needs:

  • Launching new business ventures or initiatives
  • Entering new geographical or vertical markets
  • Launching new products or services
  • Identifying market potential and opportunity segments
  • Knowing where the competition exists and how to beat it
  • Identifying customer demands and preferences
  • Strategic re-positioning of the business
  • Identifying channel partners and distribution strategies
  • Any other business related aspects
    Who Needs this Service?

  • Small or large companies seeking to enter new geographies, verticals, product segment, business segment, and so forth
  • Any company seeking to conduct strategic opportunity assessment for (re)defining its positioning
  • Pre-start up organizations or entities seeking to scan the market opportunities
  • Strategy and market consultants that require assistance with market research and sizing studies
  • Individuals or independent consultants seeking knowledge of the market landscape
  • This package is suitable for all types of companies across verticals

iA's Service:

If you have felt the need for a solution for any of the above areas, infoAnalytica's Market Research Snapshot (Business Environment Analysis) package is suitable for you. It comprises of the following four categories which can together or independently assist you in identifying your market opportunity:

  1. Market segmentation, sizing, and projection study
  2. Market constituent study - companies, products and services, customers, and channel partners
  3. Market trends and opportunity analysis
  4. Government regulations governing the industry and influence

The following is an indicative description of the market research and analysis landscape:

1) Industry/Market Sizing and Projections

  1. Calculating size of the market based on the aggregate revenues earned in the past five years - Estimated size of the industry (dollar revenues, products, services sold)
  2. Market constituent study - companies, products and services, customers, and channel partners
  3. Projecting future numbers based on this estimate

2) Market Segmentation

We study a particular market segment based on size, user preferences, verticals, products, services, customers, and so on. Includes:

  • Key Market Players (Company Study)
  1. Competitor's size and market share
  2. Strategies
  3. Value Proposition - Success mantra or USP
  • Product and Service Evaluation and Comparison
  1. Product comparison - features, technicalities, usage, etc.
  2. Product development research
  3. Product pricing evaluation
  4. Product branding and positioning strategies
  5. Go-to-market strategies
  6. Determining product value proposition
  • Customer/User Demand Analysis
  1. Analyzing user's preferences
  2. Preferences based on segmentation of users on different parameters - geography, size (in case of business users), solutions/features suitable to a segment
  3. Recommendation for target user segment and addressing demand
  • Channel Partner/ Value Chain Analysis
  1. Role of distributor and partner in the market - how effective or influential is the channel to the company's revenue - is it required?
  2. How much business does a distributor/partner generate for the company (consider top players)
  3. Identify partners

3) Market Trend and Opportunity Analysis

  1. Identifying the common trends in the market
  2. Highlighting emerging trends
  3. Gap analysis with respect to the company and its market and presenting opportunities and recommendations

Service Benefits

  • Analyze your business opportunities
  • Define your market positioning
  • Know the size of the target market
  • Track market trends and opportunities/demand
  • Get inputs for product/service design, go-to market and launch strategies
  • Determine market, customer, and partner strategies


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