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Market Entry Research and Strategy

Business Need for Market Entry Strategies

Every new venture, or new market to be addressed, requires pre-start up planning and execution of your idea with a thorough understanding of the market opportunity (white spaces) that exist in the market you desire to serve. Besides, assistance with getting the initial idea formalized into business and marketing plans as well as guidance in framing and developing strategies will ascertain that the business moves in the right direction.

infoAnalytica's Market Entry Research Services

If you are seeking assistance with starting your prospective venture, infoAnalytica's low-cost pre-start up package is suitable for your research and analytics needs. The package consists of thorough Market Scanning to identify White Spaces in the domain you desire to start your venture. It includes market sizing and segmentation studies; a market characteristics study that includes an analysis of key players, products and services, consumer behaviour and demand analysis; market trends study; distribution mechanisms if applicable, and so forth.

iA's Market Entry Strategy Building and Research Services

Based on the white spaces identified in the market scanning phase, infoAnalytica can further assist you with the following services:

Business Modelling
Define Business Objective and Value Proposition - Develop business vision and strategies to commence business on the basis of white spaces identified

Identify Target Offering - Getting answers to: What are you going to offer and what is your USP? What will be your product development strategy, pricing, branding and positioning strategies, and so forth?

Business Architectural Plans
Develop Business Strategic Plans - Development and writing Business Plans and Marketing Plans

Financial Plans - Determine Financial Modelling to raise finance (funding activities), prepare financial proposals for VCs, Banks, FIs, and so forth

Target Market Identification
Lead generation and strategies to reach the target market. Social Media marketing strategies as applicable.

Marketing Collateral
Execute go-to market plans, Develop marketing pitches, prepare company brochures, product sheets, and marketing material, marketing messages, PowerPoint Presentations, web-site content development, and so forth

Benefits of infoAnalytica's Market Entry Strategies and Research Services

  • Low-cost, high quality output to help you understand your prospective market
  • Professional assistance in initial planning, organizing, and execution of your business idea
  • Direction and clarity to position your business venture.

For more information on our market entry research services, please send an email to info@infoanalytica.com


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