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Key Opinion Leader Profiling Services for Healthcare

    • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are an essential success factor for the Marketing and Medical Affairs groups within Life Sciences companies. They play a critical role in product outreach and adoption, in addition to their substantial contributions to scientific publications and the development of patient and professional advocacy relationships.
    • Because of this, it is vital that companies in this industry engage only with the most relevant KOLs. It is equally important that they have all the information they need to make decisions about how to effectively engage their KOLs.
    • infoAnalytica’s analytical and research services are a trusted KOL Management partner, helping clients find the right KOLs and compiling fundamental professional information about them.
    • With our extensive expertise in Key Opinion Leader Profiling, Identification and Screening, we facilitate the development of accurate and actionable KOL intelligence.

    • We have profiled KOL across the spectrum of specialties and therapeutic areas:

    InfoAnalytica provides the highest-quality data across key KOL functions:

    • KOL identification

    • A KOL program is at its best when it is selectively working with the best KOLs. We have years of experience at finding KOLs who are custom-tailored for programs across the spectrum of medical specialties and therapeutic areas. Both primary and secondary identification techniques have been used to create a list of the best-suited KOL candidates; now, and with an eye to future needs.

        Every KOL Program would like to believe they are engaging the best KOLs in their therapeutic area. One of our clients wanted to confirm that their program indeed contained all possible relevant physicians, especially since they were about to release a new product with a mechanism of action that was distinct from than their existing compound (which was going off-patent in just over a year). We met with them onsite and, over the period of two hours, decided on more than a dozen professional traits that encompassed their definition of a “perfect KOL”, not just now but also looking ahead to the new product launch. During this meeting, they told us they were quite certain they were already engaging with the cream of the crop; they had a list of names that had been generated over the years, through the collective knowledge of their medical field force. After compiling the data and analyzing the results, it seemed that our client was indeed engaging with many of the best KOLs. What the data also showed is that there were almost as many physicians who were not part of their program and who were just as qualified as their existing KOLs. Furthermore, when the results were reconfigured to emphasize KOL needs for the new product, many of their existing KOLs fell entirely off the list. In fact, the top ten KOLs for this new product were entirely unknown to them. This allowed our client to reorganize their KOL pool, making it more robust now and future-proofing it for the new product launch.

    • KOL Profiling

    • Utilizing KOLs in the role that’s best suited both to them and to the company is a hallmark of an effective KOL program. Selecting the correct KOL for a given activity starts with a complete knowledge of their relevant professional activities. Our profiling services have been fine-tuned over the years to the point where we can comprehensively yet selectively find all the profile information you’ll ever need to make accurate KOL decisions. Furthermore, our Profile dataset was recently re-designed with a focus on collecting new information that contributes to meaningful analyses that aid in KOL segmentation and selection. These analyses help our clients efficiently transform raw data into actionable decisions.

    • State and Federal Screens

    • Working with the best KOLs means working only with KOLs who have constantly held themselves to the highest ethical principles. The last thing we want is for one KOL to generate unforeseen and unwanted headlines for an entire program or company. Our Screening service ensures that all KOLs are appropriately licensed by their state boards, as well as confirming that they have not been subject to state board actions or any federal debarment processes.

    • Data Analytics

    • Quite often, KOL data needs extend beyond just data. InfoAnalytica’s extensive background in analytics has been used to help clients achieve success in areas such as Competitive Analysis, Fair Market Value Studies, Post-hoc Ranking and KOL Program Gap Analysis.

        A client recently asked us to compare their KOL interactions with those of their competitors, across multiple therapeutic areas, in order to see if they were getting comparable share-of-mind. Since all KOLs were US-based, we leveraged the extensive data available in the CMS’ OpenPayments system to run a multifactorial analysis. Our results showed that, although they were engaging with their KOLs at the same level as their competitors, they lagged significantly in those activities (like research support, CME and educational events) that are commonly viewed by the medical community as being high-impact and relatively altruistic. This allowed our client to realign their resources in order to better accommodate the needs of their KOLs.

    • Institution Profiles

    • In-depth profiles of health systems and hospitals, MCOs, ACOs, and key institutions impacting market access. Understand their Organizational Structure, Publication, Key People and Networks.

    infoAnalytica's in-depth KOL profiles includes:

    In addition to editorial (desk) research, infoAnalytica uses its proven and proprietary search algorithms and data harvesting tools to selectively collect KOL information from the appropriate data sources. Although we have our own Profile structure, KOL information is captured from valid and relevant sources in a manner that allows it to be easily configured to the data structure of the customer’s choice.

    Our goal always has been and always will be absolute customer satisfaction. Because of this, iA works closely with the client in order to accommodate any project-specific requirements. Also pursuant to this goal, all information passes through an extensive QC process to ensure data is comprehensive, up-to-date, valid and reliable.


infoAnalytica released a new whitepaper titled "KOL Payments in the Time of Scrutiny".
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infoAnalytica's new whitepaper explores KOL payments and screening process


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