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IPTV - Advancing Interactive IRE Systems in the North American Hospitality Industry


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Released in Q3 2012

Executive Summary

It is widely acknowledged that IPTV is poised to become a key in-room technology enabler for hotels in North America and worldwide. An anticipated double digit, year-on-year growth within this industry, is continuing to encourage hotels to allocate larger budgets to converged IP Networks including IPTV technology. Increased personalization, larger quantities of high quality HDTV content, on-demand video, ubiquitous delivery of services, and interactive digital media will be the new norm for a quality in-room experience. The IPTV platform makes this possible with its scalable multi-feature capabilities that aren't simply limited to guests' needs, but enhance brand recognition for hotels through integration with other hotel systems and services that also reside on IP platforms. While hotels can improve guests' satisfaction (and loyalty) via IPTV, it also provides them with a platform to generate additional revenue streams that were previously untapped or difficult to scale - for example, ad-revenue and video-revenue sharing by leveraging Internet on TV systems.

Within the scope of this report, IPTV is defined as an IP-based network that streams television programs, movies, pay-per-view events, and other content in real time. This includes Free-To-Guest (FTG) television content as well as On-Demand movies, videos, and games that are made available as a paid service as well as other features like interactive graphical user interface, and integration capability through the IP-based television platform.

This report presents the latest IPTV trends in the North American Hotel Industry. It assesses the impact of the IPTV technology platforms on a hotel's revenue and gauges its viability in the near future. The report showcases how hoteliers deploy IPTV systems on their properties and the services they offer via IPTV technology.

Alternatively, the report also aims at understanding barriers that prevent hotels from deploying IPTV systems, despite its many benefits.

A few key highlights of the report include:

  • The current IPTV deployment trends in the North American Hotel Industry, and its viability for the future
  • Size of IPTV for Hospitality Market
  • An in-depth Cost-Benefit Assessment for deploying IPTV systems in a hotel
  • IPTV Market Dynamics - Drivers, Barriers, Threats, and Opportunities for hotels and vendors
  • Guidelines for hoteliers when they consider IPTV deployment

The following key questions are also addressed:

  1. How is IPTV currently deployed by hotels?
  2. Is IPTV impacting revenue (direct or indirect) for hotels?
  3. What are the barriers and challenges faced by hotels considering installing IPTV in their properties?
  4. Proposed budget allocations by hotels for IPTV deployments in North America
  5. Will key features like Video-on-Demand (VOD), Over-The-Top (OTT) video, e-Commerce and Advertising via IPTV become a key factor impacting ROI for IPTV deployments?
  6. What should hotels consider while deciding to deploy/upgrade in-room IPTV systems?

In preparing this report, our team of analysts undertook extensive research across several industry reports, journals, white-papers, expert interviews and surveys. The findings have been validated by industry experts such as IPTV system integrators, IPTV service providers, IPTV Set-top-box vendors and key decision makers in the hospitality technology market.

Technology descriptions and IPTV vendor profiles (Middleware and SIs, STB providers, VOD Server providers, DRM Vendors and Content Providers for Hotels) are included in the report for the standard price . Vendor reports are available separately as well for a low price.


Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Key Findings
  3. The US Hotel Industry Landscape
    1. Geographic Distribution
    2. Occupancy Rate
    3. Average Daily Rate
    4. Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)
  4. IPTV Market Size and Segments for Hotel Industry in North America
    1. Introduction
    2. IPTV Market Size and Segments for Hotel Industry
      1. IPTV-Current Market Size
      2. IPTV Projections for North America in Next Three Years
  5. Hotel In-Room Entertainment (IRE) Services
    1. IRE Services in the North American Hotel Industry
      1. High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
      2. Video-on-Demand
      3. Media Interfaces
      4. IPTV
    1. Average Revenue per Occupied Room through IRE Services
  6. IPTV Technology-Background
    1. Features and Benefits of IPTV for Hotels
      1. Features of Hotel IPTV System
      2. Perceived Benefits of IPTV for Hotels
    2. IPTV System Architecture for Hotels
    3. IPTV Content Transmission Deployment in Hotels
    4. IPTV Components
  7. IPTV Deployment Trends in the North American Hotel IPTV Market
    1. Existing IPTV Deployment in Hotels and Barriers
    2. Proposed Budget Allocation by Hotels for IPTV
    3. Factors in Selecting a System/Technology Provider
    4. Satisfaction Level with Existing System/Technology Providers
    5. IRE Solution offered by System Provider
    6. Management of IPTV Networks
    7. Kind of Content Delivered by Hotels
    8. Average Decline in Hollywood Movies-on-Demand
    9. Value-Added Features in IPTV Systems
    10. Upcoming Trends
  8. Costs-Benefit Assessment of Deploying IPTV in Hotels
    1. IPTV Installation Cost
    2. On-Demand Content Fees
    3. Revenue Sharing between Hotels and Service Providers
    4. Impact of IPTV and its Extended Services on Hotel's Ancillary Revenues
    5. ROI Duration for Hotels
  9. Market Dynamics of Hospitality IPTV Market as part of IRE
    1. Market Drivers
      1. IP Convergence - Single Platform for Multiple Purposes
      2. Availability and Accessibility of Limitless Content
      3. Growing Need for Convenience-Viewing
      4. Revenue Opportunities
      5. Emergence of New TV Technology
    2. Market Barriers
      1. High Infrastructure Cost
      2. Lack of Awareness
    3. Market Opportunities
      1. Reducing Infrastructure and Operational Costs
      2. Integration with Guests' Mobile Devices
    4. Market Threats
      1. Smart TVs and Other Technologies
      2. Over-The-Top Content
  10. Guidelines for Hotels Considering IPTV
    1. Hotel Decision Considerations for Deploying IPTV
    2. Hotel Guidelines after Deciding on IPTV
  11. Conclusion-Is IPTV A Viable Fit for In-Room Entertainment?
  12. Research Methodology


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