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Email Lists

infoAnalytica provides targeted e-mail lists for your direct and database marketing campaigns. Performing a business-to-business targeted campaign is an affordable and quick way to offer the services of your business to your most likely potential customers. The ROI of e-mail marketing is well-recognized as very high compared to most other marketing methods.

Unlike the case with other e-mail services, such as list rental, where you never get to see the list of potential recipients, infoAnalytica provides accurate, valid and well-segmented email lists for your campaign targets. infoAnalytica’s customers have expressed very high reliability with their direct email marketing campaigns, and accuracy rates of higher than 90% with their mail-outs for the lists infoAnalytica provides. To ensure your campaign succeeds, infoAnalytica periodically refreshes it’s email databases in order to ensure freshness, relevance and accuracy, leading to high delivery rates.

For success with email marketing campaigns you may want to pursue the option of buying and using a targeted e-mail list. Only campaigns that target their specific demographic and market segment effectively and accurately are likely to succeed and provide true returns.

E-mail list companies provide a range of options in this area. It becomes crucial to find a list that is in the demographic that you would like to target. Over and above standard demographic criteria for B2B email lists such as company revenue, industry segment and sub-segment, number of employees, titles and designations of proposed recipients, one can also perform location based targeting for the campaign.

With email marketing, one thing to keep in mind is retaining focus on quality contacts, over the actual quantity of emails sent. Understandably numbers are equally necessary in order to achieve campaign goals, but infoAnalytica recommends breaking down your database and performing Type A/B testing on the data to tweak your email content for maximum results. Also, while marketing to North American audiences it becomes critical to follow the CAN-SPAM Act guidelines.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 stipulated clear guidelines for the sending of unsolicited emails. For more information on CAN-SPAM guidelines, please visit http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business.

Email Lists: Rent or Own?

For implementing an Email Campaign, you can buy a list of recipients from an email list company such as infoAnalytica, or you can choose to rent a list from one of the many email list companies. infoAnalytica does not offer mailing list rental, for the following reasons that make ownership of an email list the better choice:

  • Higher customer control over email data
  • Ability to re-use the database and perform effective and timely follow-ups
  • Complete transparency to the customer throughout the email campaign, since the customer controls the campaign and adjusts it as per their needs
  • Ability to better understand how your campaign is performing as per your audience demographic
  • Higher flexibility in sorting data and customizing mail content for recipient sub-segments or groups within your data

infoAnalytica encourages its customers to contact us to ascertain if we can refresh any of your existing contact databases and add valid and accurate email addresses to your database. This can be performed very affordably and quickly, given our years of experience with B2B databases and email append services.

Custom Email Lists and Custom Email Databases

infoAnalytica also generates custom email lists through its email append services that provide for highly accurate and recent email records. The advantage with this is that you may already have identified a valid and relevant database of businesses as your outreach prospects. However, most business databases do not include email information as part of the database record. infoAnalytica uses years of proven expertise in generating email addresses and applies it to creating your custom email database in a very quick turnaround.


Please contact us at inquiry@infoanalytica.com in order to determine the pricing for your custom email database, which we would work out for you based on your specific needs and the number of records you require.


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