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Demand Generation and Lead Qualification

Demand Generation Support: Lead Qualification and Scoring Services from infoAnalytica

infoAnalytica supports its customers with highly effective demand generation support and lead qualification services. Under this area, infoAnalytica performs primary and secondary research by qualifying them against parameters that provide the customer with a strong indication of whether the contact and the company they work for is a relevant prospect to do business with.Once this is performed, infoAnalytica then provides contacts within those prospective buyers to it’s clients for database marketing, direct marketing, sales outreach and related campaigns. The parameters used vary significantly by customer demographics and industry type, and the nature of the customer’s product or service line.

These customized lead qualification and demand generation support services cover a wide range of criteria, ranging from revenue assessments, company size assessments, technology installs (user base analysis – e.g. Salesforce users, SAP users, Oracle users across a large number of technology areas), marketing/advertising/HR/IT/outsourcing spends, organizational hierarchies, average revenue per transaction and several other parameters that can be studied.

As an example, for its technology products and services customers, infoAnalytica undertakes studies encompassing companies that use specific technology products such as enterprise applications, data storage technologies, databases, development tools, security products, telecom infrastructure and so forth (e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Cognos, Hyperion, Oracle, Websphere, Tivoli, Citrix and several more). This allows technology companies to target their prospects with relevant offerings. infoAnalytica can verify the lists and profiles it develops for its customers through primary and/or secondary methods, leading to very high accuracy and reliablility, to ensure the highest possible conversion rates out of a customer’s direct or database marketing campaign.

Included below is an example of Lead Qualification that infoAnalytica has performed for two industry sub-groups within the E-Commerce domain:

Lead Qualification for the E-commerce and Online Payment verticals

infoAnalytica’s customer’s frequently need to understand the features and demographics for targeted ecommerce merchants in North America. The customers objectives are to ascertain which of the companies were potential prospects for online payment solutions and related services, and to segment their prospects as well as their existing customer base. In order to enable this, infoAnalytica performs the following verifications and assessments for their customers:

  • E-commerce provider transaction volumes
  • The provider’s revenues for the website
  • Total number of SKUs sold
  • Average value per transaction
  • Assess fast-moving SKUs and seasonal purchase and discounting cycles
  • Pricing for specific SKUs
  • E-commerce provider’s Marketing spend/budgets
  • Number of merchant websites operated by the parent company (end-customer)
  • IT budgets
  • Opportunity Size Assessments
  • Customer software solution requirements (e.g. SaaS, PaaS, Application specifics)

Industry and Company Coverage

Our list generation and demand generation support services include small, midsize and large companies in North America and Europe targeting various verticals, including -

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Education
  • Financial Services (BFSI)
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
  • E-commerce (in-depth lists broken down by various criteria)
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Consulting and Business Services, and more

Key Demand Generation Capabilities

  • Researched more than 5,000,000 leads with Manager and above contacts across multiple functions for our clients in North America alone
  • Capacity to research and build 50,000 contacts per month. This can be scaled up if required.
  • Access to several paid databases and business networking channels.
  • Leverage various social and business networks to assimilate comprehensive and reliable information for contacts. Custom and in-house lists are built using extensive primary and open internet research. Most lists are LinkedIn verified on request.
  • Lists typically include company names, address and location, company revenue, # of employees, company description, company vertical, contact names, phone #s (corporate, branch and direct where available), email addresses, LinkedIn profiles (as available), and more. Capability to research and document org charts (contacts hierarchy) and direct phone lines as available.
  • Lead Qualification and Scoring based on criteria provided by the client: Each contact is validated and qualified into a lead as applicable after speaking with the contact directly.


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