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Customer Satisfaction Tracking Solutions

With increased competition and ever-growing marketing costs, understanding the pulse of your customer has never been more critical to the success of your business. Multiple research studies indicate that over 80% of clients stop doing business because of bad customer service (or worse, failure to understand the voice of the customer).

infoAnalytica helps its clients gauge customer satisfaction through an array of programs, thus allowing them to build effective customer retention strategies and lower marketing and sales costs (after all, retaining a customer is significantly cheaper than acquiring another).

Our programs:

A key goal of any customer satisfaction program is to understand what drives customer behavior, and eventually satisfaction. With its multilingual expertise, the infoAnalytica team offers in-depth and ongoing trackers and survey programs for audiences worldwide. Our program comprises five phases –

Understand the objective and expectations of the client – Most discovery programs fail at the outset. The reason being an unclear understanding of goals and objectives of the program. Our team initiates any customer satisfaction study by interviewing key stakeholders within our client sales, marketing, customer service and product management teams to establish clear-cut objectives and download valuable information about current customers’ perception.

The survey instrument – The above exercise translates into an effective, yet precise, customer questionnaire that helps acquire critical customer sentiment (delight and dissatisfaction). Once approved by our client, survey instruments are deployed online or over the phone using some of the most robust survey platforms. Depending on the product, the market and the competition, customer satisfaction programs could be short – a few hundred surveys over a month, or ongoing annual exercises.

Making sense of the responses – All infoAnalytica research programs are a combination of three methods – the need assessment and information assimilation phase (as mentioned above); the analyses phase, and; the syntheses phase. Our team documents all responses (periodically, in case of longer term engagements), and analyzes them to bring out critical and actionable findings.

Recommendations and next steps – Our endeavor is not just to highlight findings but provide recommendations for effective customer retention and outreach strategies. Presented in easy to understand reports or interactive dashboards, these dossiers serve as decision-critical roadmaps for our clients.

The optional programs – infoAnalytica has extensive expertise in measuring customer sentiment across social media and open internet channels. Commonly known as web sentiment studies, these integrate very well with customer satisfaction studies and providing for a more refined analysis of customer perceptions.

Further, we also leverage our competitive intelligence programs to compare findings with competitors’ customers, thus enabling a truly holistic view of customer behavior across the product landscape.


infoAnalytica released a new whitepaper titled "KOL Payments in the Time of Scrutiny".
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infoAnalytica's life sciences research service is now Act Healthcare Solutions


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    The entire team at infoAnalytica has been a regular part of our work since a few years. The reason is that their combination of rigor, precision, detailed follow-through, reliable delivery, independence of thought, and ease-of-doing-business-with is unparalleled.
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    I have worked with infoAnalytica multiple times and each time they have provided the requested product in a timely manner with great quality and at a tremendous value.
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