Comparative Analysis and Launch Strategies

Customer Description The client is a leading provider of configuration control software that helps organizations in their physical and virtual IT configurations control.
Customer's Requirement & Objectives The client is launching a virtualization infrastructure management tool. The objective of this engagement was to

  • Understand the Virtualization market and included comprehensive market sizing for this industry
  • An in-depth comparative analysis from a product and marketing viewpoint
  • Understand and develop effective launch and marketing strategies, especially from a social media perspective
  • Creating a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator for the client's solution that clearly associates the downtime with ROI.
infoAnalytica's Role Our team conducted extensive research to answer key questions, such as:

  • Competitive landscape
    Information related to competitor's overview, size, their offerings for virtual infrastructure management, in-depth technical analysis of products (including screenshots), support policies, partnerships, customers, news releases, portals, communities they are building, marketing campaigns for virtual infrastructure engineers, and so forth.
  • Marketing Strategies and Launch strategy
    Study the Social Media Marketing strategies of each competitor indepth. Monitor and assess blogs, communities, portals, and influencers each competitor engages to promote its virtualization product or service. Identify and analyze effective techniques, gaps as well as best practices within Social Media marketing based on the competitors. Define and develop effective launch strategies for the client's tool.
  • Market Sizing
    Define the Market Taxonomy for Virtualization. Research and project revenues within this space. The Market Sizing was done for a 5 year period and segmented by sub-domains within virtualization and geography.
  • TCO calculator
    The client's tool is an infrastructure management solution for the VMWare platform. The TCO calculator was designed and built to clearly associate VMWare downtime (with and without the tool) with ROI.
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Key Deliverables
  • In-depth reports on competitor profiles and analyses
  • Insights and best practices for social media marketing strategies
  • Insights and best practices for the client's tool's launch
  • The market sizing tables along with the PowerPoint presentation showing trends and analysis
  • TCO calculator in Excel and HTML (online)
Value Proposition Complete back-end content and marketing support provided by infoAnalytica has provided the client with many benefits:
  • Gained credit and recognized as a pioneer in the industry
  • Increase in the number of visitors to its online portal
  • Acclamations for its valuable perspectives, industry insights and research reports
  • The client's clients look forward to their events as it provides a common platform for industry thought leaders to share expertise and gain better outlook of their industry
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