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Business Optimism Index Report for Qatar

Customer Description The Customer is one of the most trusted and largest providers of International credit information and Credit Reports.
Customer's Requirement & Objectives The Customer's Business Optimism Index is recognized as a product that measures the pulse of the business community and serves as a reliable benchmark for investors. The Business Optimism Index is arrived at on the basis of a quarterly survey of business expectations. It is conducted in various countries. Over time, the quarterly survey has emerged as a leading indicator of turning points in business activity in these countries. The Customer engaged infoAnalytica for developing an extensive Business Optimism Index Report for Qatar.
infoAnalytica's Role Key Deliverables infoAnalytica collected a random sample of 500 units is selected from the client's commercial database for conducting this survey. The sample was a microcosmic representation of Qatar's business community. This sample was divided into hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon segments to eliminate the dominance of the former over the latter and understand their dynamics individually. The hydrocarbon segment includes Qatar's Oil & Gas companies whereas the non hydrocarbon segment encapsulates in its purview the following sectors:
  • Agriculture,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Water and Electricity,
  • Finance, Insurance and Business services,
  • Trade, Transport and Hotels,
  • Building, Construction & Real Estate
  • The survey respondents were asked if they expect an increase, decrease or no change over the following quarter regarding the following parameters: Volume of Sales; Net Profits; Level of Selling Prices; New Orders Received; Level of Stock; and Number of Employees.

    The individual indices for each of the above parameters were then calculated by subtracting the percentage of respondents expecting decreases from those expecting increases. Additional poll questions were asked relating to the current economic scenario and are aimed at gauging the business sentiments with regard to several key current issues.

    Subsequently infoAnalytica prepared an in-depth report that encapsulated -
  • Qatar's overall Business Landscape
  • The country's outlook for the next two quarters
  • Qatar's consolidated Business Optimism Index
  • Finance, Insurance and Business services,
  • A comparative Analysis of Hydrocarbon and Non Hydrocarbon Firms
  • Key Trends within the Hydrocarbon and Non Hydrocarbon segments
  • Impact of the Global recession on these segments
  • Future Outlook
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