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Brand Analysis/Reputation Monitoring

Business Need:

A revolution in the information world has propelled the speed of information exchange and dissemination, as well as ease of doing business. While this is certainly advantageous for business entities, a flip side is in the quick spread of bad word of mouth that can damage reputations. Therefore, knowing what the market thinks about your organization is very critical whether you are an established or new player in the market. Market knowledge will help you to understand your market position, strengths, and weaknesses from the market's perspective on the basis of which you can remodel your current strategies and meet the market's expectations.

    Who Needs this Service?

  • Technology companies wanting to know how their offering is doing in the market
  • Companies seeking to revamp their offerings
  • Any company seeking to conduct strategic opportunity assessment for (re)defining its position

  • Market Perception Review can be conducted for any company in any vertical

As a business enterprise, you deal with a number of entities such as your customers, partners and vendors, on regular basis. It is essential that you hold a high reputation in terms of your dealings, offerings, products and services, and support with each of these entities. You need to ensure that you meet customer satisfaction to the maximum and keep up to your commitment. Hence, an in-depth scanning of independent opinions will give you a fair knowledge of your perception in the market.

iA's Service:

To address your need, you can leverage infoAnalytica's cost-effective skills to gauge your product and company's perception in the market.

Our comprehensive "Perception Review" package, Brand Research/Reputation Monitoring, considers all aspects of market perception that affect a company's image. These include in-depth research of what the market analyst, users, competitors, and stakeholders think about the company, its services, and products. With our rigorous perception review techniques and recommendation, your company can build upon its strengths, focus on the market demand, and eliminate weaknesses with maximum positive outcomes.

Under the market perception review and analysis service, we undertake to thoroughly understand the opinions that various market entities hold about a company and its products and services. This largely includes user uptake and experiences, feature comparisons, demand evaluation, and so forth. Reviews by technology experts, independent analysts, customers, partners/affiliates and other third party reviews are considered to present a complete review of a company/product.

Service Benefits

  • Update your knowledge about your brand image
  • Know what analysts think of your offering and what suggestions they have for you
  • Gauge the weaknesses in your offering that fail to meet customer expectations
  • Enhance your offering in line with customer needs
  • Influence a positive outlook for your organization


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